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Daniel O'Rhys

Daniel O'Rhys - Sheet Music for Piano 1+2 (Book Bundle)

Daniel O'Rhys - Sheet Music for Piano 1+2 (Book Bundle)

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Both books - Sheet Music For Piano 1&2 for a special price + a free bonus CD!

→ at all 24 pieces, 186 pages, 21x29cm, including awesome photos and stories for every piece.

Level from easy to medium difficulty.

Flatlay softcover binding, high quality print and papers. Printed in the EU.

30 days money back guarantee. 

→ Free shipping worldwide. Secure shipping with DHL.

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“Playing these pieces is finding a moment of peace.”

“These piano pieces are miniatures of a calm world, fragile and beautiful.“

“The awesome photographs and stories - combined with the music - turn it to one of the most beautiful sheet music books around.”

This collection of sheet music features 24 piano pieces in two books and separated into four suites - The Baltic Suite, The Winterstein Suite, The Baltic Suite and The Winterstein Suite - and two bonus tracks.

Level: from easy to medium difficulty.

Some pieces are very suitable for beginners, others require some training. The notes are made with the greatest accuracy and attention to detail. Each piece is accompanied by a beautiful photo and a little story of Daniel's journey where the piece was created.

Tracklist Book 1

Rain Road
Reykir Window
Bakki Aria
8 Chords
Slow Book
The Quietest Day

Tracklist Book 2

The Watcher & The Sea
Ana With Birds
Last Welcome
Cloud Hands
Narvik Sun

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