During a long winter a couple of years ago I remembered my first love: the piano. I started playing again in the evenings, in my free time. Sometimes just for a couple of minutes to relax, sometimes it absorbed me completely for hours. The piano became a state of mind, not just a welcome distraction. Initially I wanted to go back to playing the classics - the music I loved when I started studying piano. Composers like Bach, Chopin, Farrenc, Schumann, Joplin. But then there was this trip to Iceland that changed everything. I realized how I needed to write my own music for piano. Music inspired by nature, landscapes, acquaintances, my own experiences in my own time.

It started like a logbook, written in retrospect, for this particular journey to Iceland. I only played the compositions for myself, sometimes including improvisation, getting lost at times but finding my way back into the piece, eventually. The music was never meant to be played or heard anywhere else but in my head. None of this was meant to be written down as sheet music nor to be recorded in the first place. But yet it happened and I can barely express how glad I am it turned out like this! Many friends along the way helped and encouraged me to release this music from my inner ear and lonely room into the world.

Thank you for being part of this.

Daniel O'Rhys