A Piano Quest (secret preview)

A Secret Preview

“A Piano Quest” is a musical remembrance dedicated to the landscapes and sites Daniel O’Rhys has visited over the last years. Every piece by the German pianist and composer is related to a special place, a journey.

"The music creates a true connection. With the surroundings, the people, the stories and the journey itself. It would not have been created without these things. They are special moments at special points on this planet captured in music. They are not purely musical descriptions of landscapes - the individual pieces are more like drawings in a very personal diary."

says Daniel O’Rhys. “A Piano Quest” tries to capture these drawings in a re-invented form of a piano concert. The pianist plays his music on a piano surrounded by a beautiful field of dried flowers. The poetic pictures are interrupted by highly aesthetic excursions into nature and the personal story and memories of Daniel O'Rhys.

“The pieces I perform in this special concert setting illustrate in a very lively way that remembrance is a dynamic process. Every time I remember, I remember something new about a situation. Every time I play a piece, I play it differently. Here is the way I remember the times and places that brought this music to life.”

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Release Dates

01 April 2022Blauen, Morning (Single+Video)
08 April 2022Aland, Shore Leave (Single+Video)
22 April 2022Winterstein Peak (Single+Video)
29 April 2022The Listener & The Sea (Single+Video)
06 May 2022The Lost Theme (Single+Video)
13 May 2022Rain Road, Tempest (Single+Video)
20 May 2022Grat, 1181m (Single+Video)
03 June 2022Narvik Moon (Single+Video)
10 June 2022Ana and the book (Single+Video)
17 June 2022A Piano Quest (Album & Complete Movie Release)

Label Copy with EAN, ISRC and Credits

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About Daniel O’Rhys

Daniel O’Rhys lives and works in Germany but is in a permanently travelling state of mind. He writes piano music that seems to be written for nature. His pieces are miniatures of a calm world, fragile and beautiful. Daniel O'Rhys thinks of his music in suites. Each of these suites is about a special place.

Not only composing, but everything Daniel does is linked to his travels. And so his Instagram account is much more than the account of a pianist. It is a travel diary. Together with a great team, beautiful photo and video series are created, enriched with stories, insights and the thoughts of a reflective musician about sustainability, green travelling and a conscious interaction with nature. By now, more than 25,000 people follow Daniel O'Rhys on his channels.

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